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Beach Cafe

21014 Fins logo v2-22.png

Visual Identity + Social Media + Clothing + Signage

A new seafront cafe in Sandown approached me to produce a package of startup business resources for them. I provided them with all the things they need to have a head start in the game. Fins isn't a typical beach cafe and sells a variety of health bar items, bringing a tropical touch to the bay of Sandown. With their wide range of smoothie bowls and 'Instagrammable' menu items they needed to a logo that was modern and trendy to portray the vibe of the cafe and appeal to a wide range of consumers. I created a logo that could be easily applied to a variety of applications such as clothing and signage. 


Fins mockup.png
Fins HL_3x.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 16.18_edited.jpg
21014 Fins Cafe Initial Designs-19.png
21014 Fins Beach Cafe Final Version-02.png
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