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Talking Trash
Clear Beaches, Clear Mind 


Visual Identity + Social Media Campaign

Talking Trash is a new organisation that encourages people to talk about mental health whilst participating in beach cleans to help aid those in need as well as the environment. I was asked to produce a logo, identity and social media content to engage the audience and advertise the facts around mens mental health to encourage people to participate in beach cleans. I created an identity that stands out, looks professional and friendly to meet the needs of the target audience. I combined the mental health facts with corresponding imagery relating to the beach clean aspect of the organisation as the two topics aren't typically related. This campaign was successful and Talking Trash has a wide audience that spread awareness of mental health and pollution in our oceans.


Talking Trash-05.png
Insta Mockup.png
Talking Trash-06.png
Talking Trash-09.png
Beach Cleanup
Talking Trash-07.png
Talking Trash-10.png
Talking Trash-08.png
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